“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo

I have two problems with my book selection:

  • I love guidebooks
  • I let myself get totally lulled by titles and buy without reading rehearsals

Result? I bought another book that fit me so bad that I didn’t want to finish it.

My personal aspiration has always been to finish all the books I start. It took some time, but luckily I realized at some point that I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone. And I don’t end up watching bad movies, so why waste my time with books that annoy me?

Here a little insight into my mistake.

Alltagsträumer - The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up

How proper tidying up changes your life

What’s funny is that I’m probably one of the neatest people I know. As a child, I used to clean up my toys when I finished playing, and so I still do today. Just clothes and stuff. It is very important to buy a guide to cleaning up.

Why did I buy the book anyway? As I said, I love advisors and obviously also have a penchant for perfectionism. Also the title “Magic” says, that convinced me anyway 😉 No, joking aside, I just thought I could learn something else.

But all I learned from reading “Magic Cleaning” is that I should buy fewer guides, especially if the problem doesn’t concern me anyway.

Marie Kondo writes in her book about her extreme inclination to clean up as a child, as she (to my taste) showed compulsive behavior and cleaned up her parents’ apartment while other children were playing. Now she has set up her own business in Japan to teach other people how to clean up. Without sounding prejudiced, but in Germany their independence would probably not have had a future.

And what is so magic that you can sell it in the form of a book? Here I had to hold out until halfway through the book, because I was a little curious. Well, the magic formula iiiiiis:

Everything needs a fixed place.

Yeah, I was shocked too. That’s actually pretty much what this book is all about. The theory: you only have to clean up once in your life and never again. Because at this one time you define a place for everything and simply return the things to this place after use. Crazy.

Everyone who has already talked about the accommodation of dirty socks with his better half, knows that this only works in theory. Admittedly, perhaps some define the fixed place for dirty laundry always next to the bed and not in the laundry basket. That would confirm the theory.


Nobody needs this book. The writing style needs acclimatization anyway, because it sounds exactly like someone who cleans up full-time. And just because we define fixed places for our things when we move in, unfortunately this does not mean that we put things there again.

For me it was a complete mistake. The perfect gift for a monster-in-law. Who would like to convince himself of it, finds the book on amazon for 11.99 €.

Have you read it? Please leave me your opinion!

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