“The Happiness Project” by Alexandra Reinwarth

There are countless books which I think are great and which I have recommended to others. Many were just exciting, others were touching or thought-provoking. But I have never laughed tears at each chapter while reading.

You know for sure that I am totally into advisors. If you look at the current bestseller lists, it’s not just me. Many are looking for the one advisor that fundamentally changes their lives. They want to get slim in their sleep (without any help), they think, it doesn’t matter who they marry, as long as they love themselves and don’t want to worry, but live. I absolutely  belonged to those people. At least until “The Happiness Project” fell into my hands.

Happiness. A big topic and for many an unattainable goal. Don’t we all want to be happy? But what is luck at all and why is it so hard to be happy that we need instructions for it?


In “The Happiness Project?” Alexandra Reinwarth describes the most important advices known from the biggest advisors and how she tried each of them herself – and whether it finally made her happy.

She talk big topics: Do domestic animals make happy or simply cause trouble? Does fitness really produce happiness hormones or just sweat? And is laughter yoga a myth or a funny reality?

The author really tests everything that is supposed to help and makes exciting discoveries. Her boyfriend L. takes on the role of a neutral outsider and makes Alexandra’s journey even funnier. Together they discover that pessimism is sometimes just beautiful. And if you finally buy what you dreamt of for so long, you’ll be just as happy as you were before.

But I don’t want to tell too much, find out yourself!

My opinion

My opinion to this book is clear. It’s the funniest book I’ve ever read! Every morning I laughed tears on my way to work and still had wet eyes in the evening when I told friends about the best scenes. It gave me a lot of ease to deal with the subject of hppiness in general and also freed me a little from my compulsion to buy advisors and put all my hopes into it.

Happiness isn’t hard at all, you just have to look at it with humor.


If you’re looking for happiness, you can stop looking now. We sometimes get lost in the oversupply of advisers for a better life, but the author brings it all to the point and makes us laugh. This book is the perfect gift, both for you and your friends. You can find it at Amazon for 9,99 € and at medimops starting from 7,48 €.

Five out of five stars!

Have fun reading!



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