“Love Virtually” by Daniel Glattauer

In “Love Virtually” Daniel Glattauer tells the beautiful love story of two complete strangers who accidently meet each other on the Internet and fall in love via email. But is the real life as beautiful as the virtual one?

The Story

With quite a long email Emma tries to unsubscribe from a newspaper subscription and accidentally sends her message to Leo. He replies promptly and points out her misfortune, whereupon Emma sends the e-mail again – again to Leo. A conversation quickly develops consisting of long, often provocative e-mails, which both seem to enjoy so much that they lead to an almost daily exchange. They soon learn that they live in the same city and both keep thinking of actually meeting one another. But as attraction and intimacy grows and messages become more intimate, the fear of disappointment after a potential date grows too.

Even in real life, far away from their conversations, both of them reach their limits when Leo’s long-lasting relationship ends and Emma in her marriage increasingly seeks the distance from her husband and the closeness to Leo…

A heavenly style of writing

“Love Virtually” was my first e-mail novel and  I was skeptical at first. I thought that all the extravagant descriptions that make your mind wander and that make a novel what it is would be missing. But my mind suddenly had so much more to fantasize about: through the conversations of Leo and Emma, their language, their choice of words and speed of speech, you get to know both of them so well, the surroundings become completely irrelevant and the focus is completely on the two protagonists. Thus the novel lacks nothing.

Daniel Glattauer manages to get the reader to join in the excitement easily. The conversations of Leo and Emma seem so real and genuine, completely human and imperfect. You get just as annoyed as Leo about provocative e-mails from Emma and you’re amazed with Emma about Leo’s language interpretations. You laugh and puzzle with what it would be like if the two would really meet.

Purchase recommendation

110 percent! “Love Virtually” is so wonderfully real and realistic, romantic and so close because it is so easy to understand. The protagonists have rough edges and make mistakes – it feels as if this has actually happened. There are no unrealistic plots as in Twilight, but: as real as the whole plot, as real is the ending. Those who absolutely need a happy ending will not be happy here.

When I finished the book, I immediately got myself part two since this love story is simply addictive. The desire for a happy ending can be indulged in the sequel “Every seventh wave”.


I’d give 5 out of 5 stars, “Love Virtually” is one of my favorite books ever! You can buy this masterpiece on Amazon for 10,00 € or used on Medimops from 3,34 €.

How did you like the story of Emma and Leo? Were you tempted to read part two as well?

Yours, Tabea

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