“The Why Are You Here Café” by John Strelecky

A story about the meaning of life.

Where am I supposed to start?! I discovered this book at Hugendubel on the bestseller places, was curious as always and there it was already bought. 8.95 € is the price of this little colorful thing, which could also be a children’s book. But don’t be fooled, for this price you get a life-changing experience! Sounds totally exaggerated but halleluja, I love this book! It was already read through in two hours, unfortunately, I would have liked to have spent even more time with John, in the why are you here café.

John is one of those managers who dedicated their lives to work and forgot to live. When he is finally on his way to a well-deserved holiday, he gets into a traffic jam and gets lost trying to avoid it. Shortly before the tank is empty, a café appears in front of him, where he hopes to get something to eat. But first, of course, the waitress brings him the menu, which is quite a challenge. John is confronted with three very profound questions:

Why are you here?

Are you afraid of death?

Do you live a full life?

That’s harder on the stomach than any maple syrup pancake. Fortunately, he does not have to face these questions alone, but receives active support from the staff and a guest who seem to know him better than he knows himself…

Alltagsträumer - The Why Are You Here Café

Small but great!

As the title of the book already reveals, this is about the meaning of life. Although this short novel has so few pages, it has enough force to shake the hardest workaholic in his foundations. It feels like a bucket of cold water, short, crisp and so refreshing. This small, large work also woke me up once again, although I had already dealt with the topics covered in the book a lot before.

The purpose of existence

Why did we get the chance to spend time on this earth and what do we want to fill it with? This question makes John reconsider. Does this life I lead really bring me closer to the meaning of my life? The purpose of my existence?

To me this is the most important question. It is so short and simple and yet easy for very few to answer. I, too, have already had a few crisis of meaning behind me, because I wondered whether I had decided on the right path. We all have dreams that we haven’t fulfilled yet. I wanted to become so much in former times and am very annoyed today that I didn’t start figure skating as a child, for example, that my A-levels weren’t enough for medical studies, that I didn’t become a lecturer and didn’t want to rise after the fall of a horse.

And then I found myself in an office job and was already frustrated and angry with myself in my early 20s that I didn’t have the courage to do things that correspond to my dreams. Or my purpose of existence. I don’t want to tell you fairy tales, I’m still not sure what my purpose in life is. But this book came into my life at just the right moment. Meanwhile I quit my job and found a new one where I can do things that I enjoy (almost) the whole day. And with this blog here, I’m fulfilling my next dream: to finally write and make books my greatest purpose in life.

I hope I can encourage you to read this book and deal with these questions, it could lead to a fulfilled life for you 🙂

An absolute recommendation from me! I hope you like it as much as I do, tell me if it has changed anything for you.

If you are particularly interested in this topic, why not take a course by John Strelecky and Friends or take a look at their site! There you will find everything about the meaning of life and realization.

See you next time!

Yours, Tabea

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