“Overcoming fatlogic” by Dr. Nadja Hermann

I have given this book away so often and recommended that I can no longer count it. Perhaps the book will bring light into the darkness and make life a little easier for you.

The rescue for all dieters

Dr. Nadja Hermann had the courage to write down all the fairy tales and lies most of us tell ourselves when it comes to food. She herself had become extremely overweight at an early age and was almost unable to move due to an injury when she began to take a closer look at nutritional science.

The result: she uncovered all the lies that had prevented her from losing weight and by counting calories alone she reached normal weight. And she was kind enough to put her findings on paper for her fellow sufferers.

The author clears up all the myths and half-truths that so many people see as an explanation for failing diets: a broken metabolism, the starvation mode and a hypothyreosis. I recognized myself so often and felt a little caught.

Even if you have never had weight problems before, you will certainly find yourself in one chapter or another.

The highlight

But why spoil the cosy evening on the couch with a negatively charged topic like losing weight?

Because this book not only provides scientifically grounded facts, but also because it is simply super funny! Dr. Nadja Hermann understood that with humour you learn the most. In school, the funniest teachers were always the best, weren’t they?

Every few pages you will come across comics that illustrate the fat logic in everyday life very vividly. The comics are just the best. Why don’t you browse through the book at your bookstore of your choice at the next opportunity? If the pictures don’t encourage you to read, I don’t know what will do.

Alltagstraeumer - Fettlogik überwinden

My motives

Have you ever noticed that everyone feels that they have to impose their opinion on others about diets without being asked? People seem to think they’re nutritionists just because they eat something every day. In this case “Overcoming fat logic” did not originate from the pen of one of these people, but from a behavioural therapist with a nutritional focus.

Some topics seemed particularly familiar to me when I was reading: when I was a teenager, I had a good 12 kilograms more than would have been healthy for me. When I started to get to grips with myself, count my calories and exercise, I suddenly had to listen to all kinds of opinions from friends and family.

“Diets are dangerous and useless anyway!”

“Don’t overdo sport!”

“Dont’t eat too little or you’ll gain weight again!”

“If you just gave up carbohydrates in the evenings, you could save yourself all the trouble!”

At some point I managed to achieve a healthy normal weight despite these “advice”. To this day I try to keep my weight, but I have found that many of the above fat logics are so deep in my head that they still accompany me years later. So the book came to in handy. After reading, I really felt like I had already overcome some of my false principles.

By the way, the app myfitnesspal helped me a lot to count calories. With it you can easily scan the barcodes on the food and have an overview of your daily calorie intake. Warning: who never dealt with it before, will be shocked, how many calories bananas or avocados have 😉

If after reading this book you need some inspiration for healthy and tasty dishes, check out my best friend’s profile on Instagram. She has now lost almost 50 kilograms and overcome the fat logic. Go Girl!


Losing weight is not witchcraft but simple mathematics: a calorie deficit leads to weight loss. End of story. But if you need a little help overcoming the many excuses, you have to have this book!

“Overcoming fat logic” belongs on the bookshelf as well as in general knowledge and should be treated at school! Dr. Nadja Hermann has created an incredibly valuable reading experience that inspires.

Read, read, read!

Tell me how you liked it and if it was a help to you!

Yours, Tabea

P.S.: The author of this wonderful book also runs a blog, where there are also very exciting guest contributions!

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