7 reasons for why you should be reading more often.

Reading. That’s what you always had to do in school! Are you one of those people who don’t understand why so many people enjoy reading in their spare time? Let me tell you why reading is not only fun but also healthy:

It relaxes body and mind.

Reading relaxes both body and mind and is an ideal balance to an otherwise packed everyday life. Your thoughts no longer revolve around your job, school or family problems. Instead you gain some distance and give your brain new input. This is also how you fight social disease number 1: stress.

Reading broadens the horizon.

What do you think: On how many topics can you find books? Mhm…estimated quazillion millions. You’ll find a book for every topic you can imagine. Every country, every culture, every hobby, every habit. There are biographies, scientific books and novels. No matter which book you choose, it will teach you something new and broaden your horizon. And since your brain doesn’t get memory problems like an old Nokia after 8 MB, you can do this expansion of your knowledge and thinking endlessly.

Reading keeps you young.

It has already been proven several times, if you keep your brain active with reading and learning, you can slow down its performance drop in old age and thus also suppress the creeping memory loss. Brain jogging is the best sport for unathletic people like me and it is still super healthy. Only recently, researchers have found out in a study that frequent readers have a significantly higher life expectancy than non-readers. Just one chapter a day is enough to make a difference.

Reading improves your language.

Sure, if you read a lot, you’ll expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar. It makes you eloquent and quick-witted.

Reading promotes social interaction.

Empathy can be learned according to individual studies. How? By reading books. Those who read regularly transfer to other people and thus improve their ability to empathize. This in turn has a positive effect on social interaction. Reading also helps with loneliness.

Reading promotes creativity.

Just have a look at a fantasy novel and you’ll see how much creativity is in some people’s minds. You can also profit from this by reading. Creativity is automatically stimulated when the brain has to fill the gaps that are not described in detail in the book. The protagonist is tall and blond? Alright, but what clothes is he wearing, how is his posture, his voice? Here your creativity comes into play, your head paints its own picture.

Try yourself!

With so many positive side effects, it’s definitely worth a try. And as I said: it’s fun too: 😉

Personally I just like to read, because I like sending my mind on journeys. Why do you read? Let me know in the comments below!



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