About Me

    Alltagsträumer - Über mich

    Hello! Glad you ended up here!

    My name is Tabea, I am 27 years old and live in beautiful Berlin. I have had so many hobbies in my life, but one thing has accompanied me consistently: reading.

    I love books of all kinds and only feel really at home when I have books around me. The saying “Don’t trust anyone whose TV is bigger than his bookshelf” applies to me quite well, because it is actually the first thing I pay attention to when I enter other people’s apartments.

    I prefer to read on the bus and train, which is always the fastest way to pass the time and it also distracts me from the strange things that happen on public transport 😉

    Fantasy and horror will be the genres you won’t find in me. But there are all the more psychothrillers, thrillers, funny books and mainly books about personality development and lifelong learning.

    So here I share a new book recommendation with you every Sunday and hope you will find something you like every now and then!

    Enjoy your reading!

    Your Tabea